Jorge Oviedo

Jorge Oviedo is an exceptional international thought leader, entrepreneur, and expert in technical market analysis who was born in Cali, Colombia in 1972. His passion for computers and their environment led him to teach himself Basic Language and become an expert programmer at a young age, and he won several awards in the Science Fairs in his country. While he initially pursued a career in systems engineering, he unexpectedly opted to dedicate himself to Graphic Design, graduating with honors from the university. During his stay in Miami and Seattle, Jorge continued to have an interest in the stock exchange and the management of shares, acquiring more knowledge in the subject and becoming an expert in the field.

Upon his arrival in Miami, Jorge met experts in technical market analysis and exchanged criteria and knowledge with them, increasing his interest in the subject. He launched a telegram group to teach others how to trade cryptocurrencies and became a leading authority in this area, guiding people in their quest for the GWN Coin. He is the author of six best-selling books that have impacted countless lives: “The Quest for the GWN Coin” presents a thrilling journey into the mysterious world of cryptocurrencies, offering readers a chance to explore the high-stakes, betrayal, and intrigue of this dynamic industry; “Millionaire Playbook: Strategies and Tactics for Building Lasting Wealth” is a detailed guide that guides readers through effective investment strategies in stocks and assets, helping them build wealth that can last a lifetime;,”Financial and Emotional Freedom: From Compulsive Buying to Liberated Life” offers readers a comprehensive guide to effective money management and emotional balance, helping them achieve financial stability and personal happiness and “The Rich Mindset: Overcoming Your Inner Barriers to Success,” is a powerful testament to his ability as a thought leader and entrepreneur, offering readers insightful and practical strategies for achieving their goals and unlocking their potential; “The Power of the Mind: How to Change Your Perspective and Change Your Life”,   is your guide to cultivating the mindset that will transform your life. In this inspiring book, you’ll discover practical methods for overcoming internal obstacles and unleashing your true potential; “Positive Mind, Positive Self: The Journey to Personal Growth and Success” is a journey to personal growth; “Believe in yourself and overcome adversity: The power of personal resilience and growth,” that is a journey to personal growth and self-discovery , “Decoding the Female Mind” will help you understand women and improve relationships. Withering from psychology, neuroscience, and personal experience, it offers practical strategies for improvement. And now presenting his new book: “The Power of Gratitude” is an empowering guide that promotes gratitude and abundance thinking for success and happiness. Ideal for everyone seeking a more positive, abundant outlook on life.

Jorge’s goal is to help more people achieve their goals and live fulfilling lives, and his website offers a myriad of resources to help people achieve their goals, including a wealth of information on effective investing strategies, money management, and emotional balance. Jorge’s passion for helping others and his unwavering dedication to his work and the pursuit of excellence are what drive him to be better every day.

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